General Gym

So you have a child who is desperate to be upside down all of the time and spends most of their time on their hands or cartwheeling up and down the living room, bouncing off the furniture. This is the time to introduce them to gymnastics! They’ll learn key skills like balance and strength, be challenged in ways they only dreamt or YouTube, they’ll make new friends and discover a sport they’ll love for life. Once you’ve got the gymnastic bug, you’ve got it for life and seek opportunities always to do that handstand, cartwheel or somersault at a trampoline park.

The fun never stops …

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What is General Gym?

So, you’ve decided your loved one would like to learn gymnastics, well this is where it all begins. Once a gymnast starts school they are enrolled into our general gymnastic classes. These classes follow the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards and as your gymnasts develops so they will be challenged with harder skills, working their way towards the Advanced Proficiency Awards.

As you gymnast becomes more confident, they will find themselves either being head hunted for development squads that become competitive squads or work through their challenged skills into advanced classes where they will be given opportunities to be a part of TeamClub and experience different exciting events across the UK and further afield.

Gymnastics is so much more than just a sport.  It teaches you body awareness, resilience at all ages whether you are learning a new skill; training to become a coach instructor; a competition judge or simply a volunteer helping out.

The gymnasts learn how to work both independently and together as a team.  We teach them to talk openly about their successes and how these are rewarded, to take responsibility for leading, demonstrating, encouraging others and improving overall fitness. They’ll increase their gross and fine motor skills resulting in improving their overall co-ordination and brain to muscle (neuron activity). Their muscle and skeletal development improves, they’ll have fun, laugh at themselves and with others, whilst most importantly enjoy being active and sharing it with others.

A moving body leads to releasing happy endorphins, happy endorphins make you want to do more and stimulates brain activity. Brain activity makes you think and react quicker which leads to good mental health function.

Gymnastics is the foundation of all sports and its a great beginning.

Come join our happy team and explore what gymnastics can offer you and your family.