About us

 Horizon TeamGym was founded in 2000 by Lisa Souter with the aim of giving gymnasts the opportunity to  experience competitive TeamGym, whilst learning life long transferable skills that

help with everyday life.

In 2021 we renamed to Horizon Gymnastics.

Horizon Gymnastics

Founded in 2000 by Lisa Souter with the aim of giving gymnasts the opportunity to train and compete in TeamGym, learning life-long transferable skills on problem solving, teamwork, juggling education and training expectations, learning new skills with a can do approach. We have seen over the years Horizon compete at both UK and European competitions, participate in UK and European gym camps and training opportunities. We’ve had gymnasts who are European performers, British Champions, TV stars, who have gone on to become physiotherapists, doctors, chemists, engineers, personal trainers, fitness owners, military servicemen and women. 

We are a family gym club, supporting one another to enrich each others lives. In 2019 we broadened our horizons with Rhythmic Gymnastics, 2020 and covid19 lockdown saw a shift to online gymnastic and fitness classes designed especially for children, then in 2021 we renamed to Horizon Gymnastics and started rebuilding the club post lockdown.  

All Horizon gymnasts are encouraged to work together as a team, from equipment reshuffles to supporting / encouraging our friends to learn new skills. We work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme during our termly badge weeks.

Gymnasts have the opportunity to trial for TeamGym, Rhythmic squads with our development pathway, with TeamClub they learn how to compete / display in front of audiences.