Our brilliant team of coaches have a wealth of experience between them in all areas of gymnastics & dance. Many have competed at various levels in gymnastics and all are passionate about helping young gymnasts reach their full potential.

Lisa Souter

Lisa Souter

Director & Founder

“Hi there, I’m Lisa Souter and I started Horizon TeamGym in October 2000 with a handful of amazing gymnasts and their parents, teamwork was and still is the dreamwork. Over the years the club has seen gymnasts and coaches come and go, but the ethos has always remained the same… each gymnast/coach is unique, they must always be at the centre of their learning and their learning outcomes will define their future.

We all learn differently, we all need to feel safe to learn & we all make mistakes, big or small you own it, you learn from it and you make yourself the very best version of you moving forwards.” 

Lisa represented the UK in Artistic gymnastics as a teenager, began coaching Artistic at the age of 14yrs, has coached multiple TeamGym teams to Regional and British finals since 1997. She was Secretary on the GB TeamGym Technical Panel 2000-2002 and in 2002 was Head of Delegation for GB at the European TeamGym Championships in Chalons, France. She coached Infinity, who became GB TeamGym Senior Mixed Team Champions 2012 and then went on and placed 6th at the European Championships in Arhus, Denmark 2012. As a Brevet Judge she’s judged at the Europeans Championships in Iceland 2014, Luxembourg 2022 and is often sent away to judge TeamGym competitions within Europe.

Her more recent exploits have been collaborating with other club owners to help develop grassroots TeamGym across the British Isles through the Mezzo Cup series of competitions. She has played a big part in supporting the development of Northern Ireland TeamGym & is starting to support teams in Ireland branch out into TeamGym.

Alongside her coaching role Lisa has worked for the Military, the Construction Industry, Information Technology Sector, Health & Safety Training Industry & the Early Years Child Development Sector. She has been known to wear many hats! 

Lisa is an energetic and enthusiastic coach who loves to inspire others around her. 

QualificationsL5 HPC (High Performance Coach) TeamGym; L4 Tumbling; L3 Womens Artistic; L3 DMT; L2 Freestyle; L1 Preschool; TeamGym European Brevet Judge; Safeguarding: Enhanced DBS; Positive Coaching; Inclusive Coaching; Unconscious Bias for Clubs plus lots more besides.


Amy Leggett

Amy Leggett

Assistant Coach - General Gym - Thornden Centre

“Hi, I’m Amy and I started coaching with Horizon Sept 2017-Dec 2018, I took a short break and headed back Sept 2020.

I try to make everything fun and bring some of my dance and movement to the classes. I love gymnastics, its fun, creative, there’s a good atmosphere and the kids always enjoy themselves.”

Amy volunteered for 3 years before passing her level 1. She’s been involved with and judged at Carisbrooke Gym Club Competitions and helped out at the Primary Island Games, both of which took place on the Isle of Wight.

Amy coaches general gym & TeamGym  classes which she is where you’ll see her having the most fun with the kids.

Outside of the gym Amy works in the kitchen at Beaulieu School. she likes music, dance and gymnastics.

Qualifications: Ba(hons) with second class in Dance: urban practice; BTEC level 2 & 3 diploma in performing arts; Level 1 General Gym; DBS Enhanced


Grace Fox

Grace Fox

Assistant Coach - General Gym & TeamGym - Thornden Centre

“Hi I’m Grace and I joined Horizon in 2021 during lockdown. I love working with young people and always turn up with a smile ready for action. Despite often being seen as a solo sport, gymnastics is a wonderful community and often requires teamwork at all levels. I love the way it helps children develop a healthy relationship with their body.”

Grace has judged gymnastics at primary school competitions and done outreach here too. She enjoys coaching preschool gymnastics and helping disabled children access the sport. Outside of the gym Grace is a software programmer for Ionoptika, she plays the French horn and helps her mum training Guide Dogs for the blind.

Qualifications: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Level 1; Coaching Disabled People in Sport; Safeguarding; DBS Enhanced

Carolan Palmer

Carolan Palmer

Lead Coach - Rhythmic & General Gym - Wildern Centre

“Hi I’m Carolan Palmer and I joined Horizon in 2019, Gymnastics has always been a family affair for me, my mum use to take me and my sister to gymnastics from a very young age. Then my dad became my coach and when I was old enough, I coached alongside him. Gymnastics is my home away from home, my second family and I try to keep this feeling in the classes I coach at. Teaching future generations about what it means to enjoy the sport I love. Gymnastic classes are for me, a friendly space away from the stresses in other areas of our lives with the fun coming from learning about gymnastics and achieving new skills.

I think the gymnasts would say that it’s my dedication to the sport that makes me special, and that I listen to my gymnasts and support them with their gymnastics goals and visions. I have a creative mind, I love dance and I think these tie in so well with the sport I love.”

Outside of the gym Carolan is married and a mum to one child, she is currently a full time Design Engineer at a HVAC and Refrigeration company, yet she still finds time for her gymnastics. Her love of everything Rhythmic means she has big dreams for the future of this sport at Horizon Gymnastics.

As a gymnast she tried many different disciplines including Sports Acro, Teamgym and Rhythmic competing at club, regional and British level competitions, with medals and trophies won along the way. As a coach she has over 20 years’  worth of experience in General Gymnastics and Sports Acrobatics. An opportunity 10 years ago to gain her Rhythmic qualification reignited her passion and she’s so proud of the growth we have already achieved in the Southern Region.

Carolan loves dance and has qualifications/awards in dance and ballet. In her spare time she has many creative hobbies including photography, knitting, sewing, and jewellery making…. plus Rhythmic leotard making.

Qualifications: Level 3 Sports Acrobatics; Level 2 Rhythmic Gymnastics; Level 1 General Gymnastics; First Aid, Safeguarding; Enhanced DBS


Chloe Switzer

Chloe Switzer

Assistant Coach - General Gym & Rhythmic - Wildern Centre

“Hi, I’m Chloe and I started with Horizon in 2019. I am able to quickly adapt my coaching skills and communication depending on the age of the gymnasts and their ability of understanding. Gymnasts are also able to approach me with any fears/concerns they may have whether its gym related or not. Gymnastics really helps you to be your best and express yourself while making new friendships and challenging yourself to things you never knew you could!”

Chloe started gym at the age of 10 and competed on floor, vault and trampette. She did many Gala performances with Southampton Gym Club at the Guildhall and started Rhythmic Gymnastics in 2012. She instantly fell in love with this discipline, it’s mesmerising routines and mastery with hand held apparatus. Chloe competed in Rhythmic winning medals before deciding to coach Rhythmic and share her passion with others & help them win medals! too!

Chloe outside of the gym is mum to a gorgeous baby girl and is a special needs school assistant at Springwell School. She enjoys Brownies and completed a leadership qualification for guiding at the age of 17 and was given her own Brownie unit to run by 18 making her the youngest leader to run a unit in the Division. 

Qualifications: Level 1 Rhythmic Coach, DBS enhanced approved


Millie Young

Millie Young

Assistant Coach - General Gym & Rhythmic - Wildern Centre

“Hi I’m Millie and I joined Horizon in Sept 2020, I have an absolute passion and love for gymnastics,  from watching it to doing it as a gymnast myself. I love the flexibility side and competing.”

Millie is currently a level 1 general gym coach. She loves working with children and is a qualified preschool practitioner, working full-time with children 0-4yrs in a nursery. Millie also enjoys walks and exploring new areas.  

Qualifications: L3 Preschool Practitioner; L1 General Gymnastics Coach