In simple terms TeamGym is an evolving and exciting, unique discipline to gymnastics. We perform in a ‘team’ in 3 areas: floor, tumble and trampet – all in succession and to music.

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What is TeamGym?

It is a gymnastic discipline created by the European Union of Gymnastics back in the early 1970’s.

TeamGym consists of three sections: women, men and mixed teams across primary, youth, junior and senior age categories. In each of the three sections a team may consist of between eight to ten gymnasts with a maximum of twelve gymnasts including reserves.

It is a gymnastic competition for teams, presenting their performances to music on three apparatus: floor, tumble and trampet. The whole team must perform the floor apparatus which must demonstrate rhythmic dynamic in executing a number of skills whilst working seamlessly together as a team. With tumble and trampet, teams may choose their top six gymnasts for three passes on each piece of apparatus.



Teams perform a choreographed routine to instrumental music within a 14 x 16 metre non-sprung floor area from 2mins 15secs to 2mins 45secs. The routine can tell a story but all participants must be actively engaged with some skills being performed in unison, whilst others may use mirroring or canon form. No one is allowed to stop unless the music demands it as part of the choreography. There is no front as in many European competitions the audience is sat around the arena. Effective teamwork, with good solid technique in elements and spectacular acrobatic skills are also needed. So, the routine must consist of difficulty elements such as balances, jumps, acrobatic elements, and a combination, whilst displaying flexibility, a traveling rhythmic dance sequence and a group element.



Teams perform three different rounds of tumbling down a 15 metre track with good streaming (as one gymnast lands, another is in their tumble and another is getting ready to start) within 2mins 45secs to instrumental music. A tumbling series must consist of a minimum of three gymnastic acrobatic elements performed forwards, backwards or a combination of both. There must however always be a forwards and backwards tumble.

The team selects their top six gymnasts for each round, working to the strengths of the team. In mixed teams there must always be equal numbers of male to female, unless the competition is a unisex event. In the first round the gymnasts must all perform the same skills, after that they can intensify the difficulty and wow the audience with their performance. Gymnasts must wait for one another and all jog back together at the end of each round. Bonuses can be awarded by judges if the whole team use identical technique or wow the judges.



Teams perform a series of somersaults and twists from a trampet, with good streaming, using both the trampet and trampet vault. Each team must perform three different rounds with at least one round executing skills using a vault and another using just the trampet. Like tumble, trampet is performed to instrumental music and must conclude within 2mins 45sec. Like tumble round 1 is identical and teams may choose their top 6 gymnasts to perform in each round.

Trampet has the wow factor, it is fast, it is high, it is daring and powerful. Coaches are stood on the landing area as a safety precaution to rotate, catch gymnasts and stop the performance, if necessary. Gymnasts must wait for one another and all jog back together at the end of each round.

Being part of the TeamGym community, you will experience a sport like no other. During training and at competitions the phenomenal team spirit amongst participants, officials, coaches, volunteers and spectators is contagious. The exhilarating, dynamic and spectacular routines that provide great entertainment, leaving you speechless and on the edge of your seat.

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