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You must agree to these Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) to secure your training place at Horizon Gymnastics and be allowed to attend classes. You can email questions to admin@horizonteamgym.co.uk for further clarification. If you can’t agree to these T&C’s before your agreed taster / training date then our commitment with you terminates.

Alongside this document you will need to read and agree to our Memberships, Cancellations and Refunds. The two documents combined form our Terms and Conditions for Horizon Gymnastics.

We have published codes of conduct for all our stakeholders and we expect all members to follow these in full. Failure may result in being asked to leave classes, events, competitions or be banned completely.


Initial bookings and tasters for classes can be booked either through our automated class booking system or via our admin team with a call, text or email. We offer two taster sessions which are chargeable for your child to see if they would like to continue before all associated fees & memberships are due. Taster sessions will be communicated with you in advance and agreed, these are chargeable even if you are unable to attend due to say illness. By the third session all remaining class fees for the block period are due together with British Gymnastics membership & insurance and our Club fee, plus the missed taster session fee if this applies.

No amendments to original bookings can be made unless they are requested in writing and agreed in advance with both our admin and coaching team.

You risk losing your child’s place in a class if you do not make full payment prior to the start of a new term. Being in a class does not guarantee you continuity into the new term, only payment for the new term secures your place. Signing up for classes is a rolling commitment.

Payments will be requested in advance and a late payment fee of £12 plus 5% interest will be charged on any outstanding account balance on the 1st day of the last month in the term.

Eg Autumn term = £100, payment request & due July, payment made July = £80, by 1st December £20 is still owing, late payment fee £12, interest (£20 x 5%= £1) revised total to be cleared from Autumn term £33. Fees for Spring term = £100 due December. Total amount now due £100 (Spring term)+£33 (late payment & charges) = £133


Training fees are charged for a set period (termly / quarterly / annually) depending on the type of training attending – Recreational (all levels & disciplines), Competitive (all levels & disciplines

1. Termly Fees – The client is agreeing to the full terms fees. There will be no refunds for missed sessions or if the client decides to leave midway through the term. Horizon Gymnastics guarantees the clients place in the session for the entire term. It is at the Directors discretion whether a refund will be given if the leaving clients place is refilled successfully by another client. There will be no refunds for leaving notice given after half term and it is the clients’ choice whether they stay till the last training session or leave before. Termly fees are for Recreational, Advanced Recreational & Foundation level gymnasts.

2. Quarterly Fees – The client is agreeing to the fees for that quarter and there will be no refunds for missed sessions or if the client decides to leave midway through the quarter. Horizon Gymnastics guarantees the clients place in the session for the entire quarter. It is the clients’ choice whether they stay till the last training session or leave before. Quarterly fees are for Competitive Development & Squad level gymnasts.

3. Annual Fees – The client is agreeing to the annual fees and dividing their payments equally over 12months despite there being no sessions in August, payments will continue through this month. Annual fees are for Competitive Development & Squad level gymnasts, and can be extended to Advanced Recreational & Foundation level gymnasts.

4. Gift Cards / Training Vouchers can be purchased and used by clients who already have an account with Horizon Gymnastics and are registered. These cannot be purchased for clients’ who are on our waiting list and not yet club registered. Gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash


Refer to our Memberships, Cancellations and Refunds Policy for more details

The fees are non-refundable unless there are special circumstances in which case the credit is applied at our discretion.

Should you wish to cancel or suspend your training this must be presented in writing to admin@horizonteamgym.co.uk with one months’ notice. Verbal notification or text message to a coach will not be seen or treated as notice and fees will still be applied.

If the cancellation is outside of our control – for example due to an incident at a venue or extreme weather conditions, a refund will not be given. Whilst make up sessions are not offered for cancelled sessions or non-attended sessions, we may, at our discretion offer an alternative venue or move training online. This alternative venue or online training may take place on different days and times from the original sessions and alternative venues may incur additional costs for those attending.

Covid lockdowns will see training move from the physical world to online training and back again seamlessly. Training fees will not be refunded regardless of whether the online sessions were attended or not. It is at the Directors discretion to apply credits for the switch to online training against future training sessions.

Direct debit and stored credit cards have further conditions to ensure equal payments are made throughout the year. Refer to the Memberships, Cancellations & Refunds Policy.


There will be one months’ notice period required from clients prior to cancellation to enable a detailed account statement to be produced and any outstanding fees to be requested and collected before the leaving date. A termly, quarterly or annual payment plan that sees a child leaving midway through the term, quarter or year will be calculated to the correct term / quarterly end date. see Memberships, Cancellations & Refunds Policy for more details.


We appreciate that some children do not always wish to take part on the day or may wish to attend other events (such as a friends birthday party) but we are unable to refund for non-attendance or for children who do not take part, this is due to the fact that we have reserved the space for your child and staff, venue costs have already been arranged. Please note that it is quite normal for children to be shy when they first attend and their confidence will grow in the weeks to come. The coaching team are experienced in dealing with this and will be happy to work with your gymnast to improve their confidence.

We do not offer “makeup classes” for sessions missed.


Members have an option to pay by BACS, direct debit or with a stored credit card. The direct debit system is handled through the GoCardless merchant and a stored credit card is handled through the Stripe merchant. We do not hold any account details as these are stored securely through these operating merchants. With these two handling merchants, Horizon Gymnastics can offer a more affordable way to settle training fees. BACS payment amounts will be requested in writing. Refer to our Memberships, Cancellations & Refunds Policy for more details.


We are a registered club of British Gymnastics and have Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurances in place. Our coaches & Welfare Officers are all DBS enhanced checked, they regularly attend safeguarding training and there will always be at least one fully qualified first aider at every session.


Due to the very nature of gymnastic activities the risk of serious injury exists and whilst we do everything, we can to reduce that risk it is still a very real possibility. It is vital that members follow instructions given to them by coaches to decrease the risk of serious injury and follow the safety guidelines whilst in the gym using apparatus and moving around. By attending classes, it is deemed that you accept all risks associated with such participation.

Training will take place in either bare feet or gymnastic shoes, socks may be worn for some floor-based work but coaches will advise. Trampolining jump socks or normal socks must be worn on trampoline. During covid19 gymnasts will be asked to sanitise their own feet before training using their own sanitiser.


To avoid overcrowding and shyness in class, one adult guardian only per child is allowed into the preschool adult and child classes. In independent classes (where the adult is not required to participate in class) adults are asked to wait outside or to drop gymnasts with the coach. For the 1st two taster sessions the adult guardian is permitted into the gym to watch the session, by the 3rd session all adult guardians must leave the gymnasium/sports hall. Adults may wait on campus for their child’s class to end or wait outside the gymnasium / sport hall doors with other adults. During Covid restrictions we follow our detailed risk assessment. 

All children in our preschool programmes must have a guardian on site at all times and a waiting area will be available for this. Gymnastics coaching is much more effective when the environment is not distracting, so please refrain from coaching from the side lines during the class if you are watching.


Horizon Gymnastics has club merchandise which can be purchased by members. There are a variety of product options from training to competitive for the new beginner to the established performer. Some items are purchased directly through a retailer, others our purchase directly through Horizon Gymnastics. For those items purchased and ordered through us, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason*, return the item unworn and in perfect condition with tags attached and proof of purchase, within 28 days for an exchange or refund.

If you need to return something, please do your best to try on, handle and repackage the items with care. Any merchandise returned must be received back in its original condition – this means it must be unworn, undamaged, free of makeup, pet hairs, deodorant and perfume and have all original tags attached.

Please fill-in and include the returns form along with your returned item and proof of purchase (receipt or order number) to enable us to identify you and process your return as quickly as possible. If this is not present, a written note with all your details will suffice.

*Personalised garments and special designs cannot be exchanged unless faulty, so please ensure you order the correct size. *Do not remove the hygiene stickers or swing tags until you are happy with the fit of the leotards (Leotards ordered directly through us can only be returned if the hygiene guard has not been removed.). *Leotards ordered directly through a retailer follow their returns policy as this is not our responsibility.

Every training session requires long hair to be tied up neatly and out of eyes, so that when upside down, hair cannot touch the floor. Some disciplines have more specific hair requirements and coaches will communicate this with you.

Each gymnast must bring their own drinks bottle, hand sanitiser, gym bag and extra socks to every training session. Foundation, Development, Competitive gymnasts must also provide their own foam roller plus some discipline specific equipment all of which will be communicated to you as and when your gymnast needs it by the lead coach / admin staff.

Every training session gymnasts must make sure they wear a leotard/compression top with either leggings, shorts or stirrups. Recreational level gymnasts may wear shorts and a t-shirt. Young ladies will be required to wear sport crop tops under their t-shirts and either sport crop tops or crop top bras under their leotards. Strappy, low cut, revealing t-shirts are not permitted. Gymnasts will only be allowed to train in sport crop tops and leggings for fitness training where handling is not required. Boys can only expose their chest when doing fitness training where handling is not required. Jeans, jean leggings, buttoned shirts and shorts are not allowed for training. Tracksuit bottoms & hoodies may be worn for warm up and cool down, hoodies are not allowed to be worn when training.


    British Gymnastics believes that jewellery and adornments worn in body piercing are inappropriate for safe practice in gymnastics and trampolining. 

    Jewellery that cannot be removed:- It is acknowledged that in some circumstances, it may be impossible to remove a ring and/or dermal piercings. Should this be the case; the ring must be sufficiently covered with protective tape; and the piercings covered sufficiently in order to eliminate any risk.

    Newly pierced ears:- Newly pierced stud earrings need to be covered with protective tape but must be removed as soon as possible (normally after six-weeks). For the avoidance of doubt; any jewellery which can be removed, must be removed.

    Horizon Gymnastics accepts no responsibility for damage or loss to any item brought in to classes.


      Mobile phones & recording devices must be kept in gym bags at all times unless the lead coach has permitted usage for fitness & training purposes. Devices are not allowed to be used to record or take pictures of one another during training or break times. Respect must be given at all times to gym colleagues who may not be allowed to have their pictures or video taken. Coaches will delete photos and video taken without permission.

      Parents/Carers/Guardians are not permitted to take photos or videos of classes during training, this is to protect all of our members. Coaches/welfare may ask to see devices if they think photos or video have been taken and if so, you will be asked to delete it. If you’d like a video of your child’s achievement discuss this with the lead coach and this can be arranged so that other class members are not in the photo/video footage.

      Horizon regularly takes videos and pictures to help with training gymnasts and track training progress. These videos / pics are taken using the club’s devices and may be used by the gymnasts and coaches to support one another’s training diary.


      Gymnasts must be escorted into the gymnasium / sports hall where the class is taking place. They cannot be dropped in the car park or other areas of the venue. Likewise, at the end of the class please collect your gymnast from the gymnasium / sports hall. Gymnasts without guardians will not be allowed to leave unattended unless prior written consent has been given by the guardian. This consent will only be accepted for gymnasts aged 14 and over making their own way home. Gymnasts are required to arrive in good time to start the class promptly. Late arrival of 10 minutes or more is at the coach’s discretion whether the gymnast is allowed to join in as a late arrival. This will be due to warm up having concluded and the gymnast’s safety being at risk. No refunds are payable for late arrival and coach refusing training. Those parents who are car sharing or pooling resources for pick up must inform the lead coach at the start of each training session who their child is going home with, this will be recorded.


      Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start time of your class as you will be required to wait outside with your gymnast until the coaching staff are ready to let you in. Each centre has specific covid19 risk assessments in place to help reduce the risk of transmission and you will be required to follow them. Once your allocated class time has finished, it is necessary to vacate the gymnasium in readiness for the next class. Should you be running late, please contact the lead coach, club mobile and your gymnast will be allowed to spectate the next class whilst waiting for your arrival. If you are late and not contactable, we will follow our safeguarding policy and contact the designated social services LADO contact for further guidance.


      Children and adults in attendance at classes are asked to be civil and courteous to other members and other venue users at all times. Should a child or adult become abusive, violent or disruptive, it is at the discretion of the lead coach to issue a time out in accordance with our discipline guidelines.


      Parents/carers/guardians are required to inform the club if the gymnast is unable to attend training and with a reason. Anyone testing positive for Covid19 must inform the club as a matter of urgency to enable others within their bubble group to get tested and self-isolate. A refund or credit for lessons missed due to illness / injury will only be considered if the period to be missed will be at least 4 weeks or more, and only on production of a signed, valid and dated doctor’s note with a full explanation of the illness / injury. Some injuries will allow for fitness training to continue and for physio rehabilitation to take place with a set of revised training times. Each case will be unique and it will be at the discretion of the Director to decide whether fees are adjusted during the rehabilitation period.

      17. HOLIDAYS

      Holidays taken within the term or quarterly training dates will not decrease the price of the term or quarter. Full payment for training fees, gym camps or holiday clubs must still be made and no refunds will be given for weeks missed due to holidays taken.

      18. CLASS LEVELS

      At Horizon Gymnastics we run our classes based upon the gymnast’s ability to make progress given their age, maturity and previous gymnastic experience. This may mean that a mix of ages attend classes. Do not be put off by this as the coaches are very experienced at setting challenges to meet all levels of experience & age. All gymnasts will start in a lower level class before being assessed and moved to a different class if and when required. The levels across all of our disciplines are; Recreational, Advanced Recreational, Foundation, Development, Squad. It is expected all levels will participate in the annual Club Championships and Awards ceremony. All levels will have opportunities to attend other events and competitions during the year.


      On booking, please give full details of any child with any disabilities. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify us of such disabilities to ensure safe and effective teaching methods and standards are maintained. Some disabilities will need additional checks from our insurers and we may require you to provide letters from medical professionals on this before classes can be attended. This includes but is not limited to Down’s syndrome children.


      Guardians agree to update the administration office with details of new or changing medical conditions, you agree to update your Horizon Gymnastics online portal account and agree to update the British Gymnastic membership portal too.

      Gymnasts / coaches with anaphylactic conditions must place all medication in the designated emergency medication box or on the coaches’ table. Each person must have a clearly marked “What to do in an emergency card” attached to their medical bag.

      Gymnasts / coaches with diabetes must inform the lead coach when they need to stop & take their blood count. Pumps cannot be worn for all gymnastic skills and a unique schedule will be devised to reduce the risk.

      Guardians must inform the lead coach if their child has an ailment that may affect their training, eg bruising, upset stomach, verruca, molluscum. Verruca’s must be covered with a plaster; a spray plaster is the best means to cover up verruca’s and allow bare feet training.


      To keep toilet visits / missed class time to a minimum, if your child is potty trained, please take them to the toilet immediately prior to the commencement of any class so there will be as little disruption during class times. Coaches cannot be responsible for personal care or potty training, if your child still needs this support please ensure you stay on site so you can assist with this as and when required.

      All independent gymnasts go to the toilet with a buddy; this is a safeguarding requirement as the venues we hire are used by members of the public throughout our sessions. All gymnasts are encouraged to wait and support their friends, reporting back to lead coaches anything they see or are uncomfortable with. Gymnasts aged 17yrs are permitted to go independently but at 16yrs they still go with a buddy.


      Parents should be aware that due to the very nature of gymnastics it is necessary for the coaches to have physical contact – known as “Handling” or “Supporting” or “Spotting” the gymnasts. Stations are used to encourage independent learning throughout our teachings but there will always be an element of physical contact.


      Food and drink are allowed to be taken into the class and kept in the gymnast’s bag. Whilst gymnasts are encouraged to drink water from their bottles regularly, food as a healthy snack or lunch is only permitted with coach consent & must be cleared away completely before training resumes. Designated food areas will be provided for gymnasts within the gymnasium. We have a nut free gym environment with various members having nut allergies. Nutella chocolate spread contains nuts.

      24. BADGES

      Each term we will assess the gymnasts using the British Gymnastics badge schemes. Gymnasts will often work on similar skills that bridge multiple badges, and can achieve a higher badge before a lower one. Each gymnast will revisit the gymnastic terminology used on earlier badges to check understanding; this helps the coaching staff to gauge any missing gaps in knowledge, to be refreshed, before moving on.

      25. STICKERS

      At all of our classes we use stickers as a means of acknowledging hard work, progress, achievements and team work. Not all gymnasts will receive a sticker every training session and it’s important that you understand this. The coaches make it really clear how gymnasts can earn a sticker during the lesson and each week there will be different challenges aimed at the class. We recommend gymnasts bring a sticker book to class so they can record what their sticker was for and when they achieved it.


      All property brought into class by the client & gymnast is done so at your own risk. All clothed garments must be named. Horizon Gymnastics is not liable for any loss or damage caused to belongings. Items found will be held for a period of one month before being disposed of or donated to charity. During this time the belongings will be in class awaiting reconnection with their owner, it is not our responsibility to keep reminding.


      It is our intention to provide you with a high level of customer service at all times, however, if you are dissatisfied with the level of service, please contact us through admin@horizon-gymnastics.co.uk or via our website Contact Us page.


      Horizon Gymnastics is permitted to revise these Terms and Conditions at any time as it sees fit. Any changes will come into force after a notice period of 30 days.

      Document last updated : 6 January 2021

      Effective date : 5 February 2021